Passion, Power and Strength

pasion,poder y fuerza

Passion, Power and inner strength that comes from our heart and soul originated by reasons more significant than the economic aspects. We aim this passion to overcome our own objectives, always seeking to exceed our own expectations and thereby provide excellent service.



Our work goes beyond the services we provide, the staff of STORE A CELL and INDEBIOC strive every day to offer an excellent accompaniment to our customers from the beginning to the end of the process; even providing after this, constant and updated information regarding scientific advances.



Our work is based on providing a service respecting the value of the human being, placing high the professional quality, providing certainty in our processes to guarantee our customer trust and peace.



Our commitments have a high degree of responsibility that ensures safety in our processes, the people who work in our company are highly trained and certified professionals, who act positively in such a way that they efficiently and effectively fulfill the service provided.



Our work is to provide the possibility of improving the quality of life of our customers and thanks to this, we always look for the best operating practices, through constant research, process improvement, update and signing of agreements with different institutions, specialists and suppliers that allow us to be at the forefront in our field of action.



The dignity of our customers and collaborators is a fundamental part of the value chain in the service of our company and thanks to this, we have been able to guarantee a dignified and humane treatment that meets the expectations of the characters involved in our processes.